The Two Traits all Successful Entrepreneurs Have

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for every one. Sure, we all want to start a business, work for ourselves, and set our own schedules. However, not every one really has what it takes to pull it off, unfortunately. If it were easy, we’d all be doing it, right?

The numbers of those were merely want to be an entrepreneur will always be higher than those that actually do it. That’s just how it is. The simple reason is that many just aren’t cut out for the rigors – and long, hard hours – of entrepreneurship.

Ask yourself these key questions to see if you’re ready for that life.

  1. Do you prefer following others, and perhaps their orders?
  2. Are you okay with persistent hard work, indecision, at times insecurity, times of instability, and well… borderline craziness? In business, you’re told to “work smart, not hard.” However as an entrepreneur, you must face the hard reality of “working hard and working smart.” There are no shortcuts.
  3. Can you stand the heat? Before you jump into the world of being an entrepreneur, make sure you can stand the heat.
  4. Do you get stage fright? As an owner of a company, you are the primary spokesperson for your company. You have to be ready and quickly willing to take the spotlight and thrive.
  5. Are you easily winded? You will face forks in the road and despair. You’ll face challenge and indecision. You’ll feel burned out. But if you can put one foot in front of the other, you’ll be fine.

All too often, many new entrepreneurs will answer no to most of those questions. They don’t have the momentum. But those that do also exhibit two key traits that all entrepreneurs have -- tenacity and perseverance.

Tenacity is a trait known by many names – determination, commitment, and resiliency. If you have this trait and are willing and able to live with uncertainty and push through obstacles along the way for years at times you may have what it takes. It’s the person that never gives up in the face of insane pressure, who never accepts “no” for an answer that has what it takes.

The world is full of doubters who say, “it can’t be done.” But it’s the tenacious entrepreneur that finds a way to get it done no matter how hard.

The second trait is perseverance. Did you know that it took the Google CEOs years before their company grew to be the monster it is today? Now, when folks have a question, they’re told to “Google it.” That wasn’t the case early on. In fact, in 1999, Google only had 8% of the search engine market, struggling to catch on.

But now, look at it. It’s the biggest search engine in the world. That happened because those in control had perseverance. They had the discipline.  By simply being able to confront and jump obstacle without hesitation or saying, “this is too hard” perhaps you have what it takes to be the next great entrepreneur.

Keep pushing forward.