My Five Rules for Success

No one was ever born a success, but we all have the potential to become one. Look at Steve Jobs. In 1985, he was actually fired from the very company he built. As soon as the second generation of the Mac was launched, he was out. But it was his determination that led him back to Apple in 1997 where he turned the company into a monumental success.

Thomas Edison was once expelled from school because he couldn’t be taught. He was fired from jobs because he wasn’t productive enough. Even his first few attempts at the light bulb were failures.

Success is never a guarantee right off the bat. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise. Sometimes, though, success depends on the rules you set for yourself.

Here are some of mine.

No. 1 – Never Associate with Bad People

People that bring you down or lead you into make poor decisions whether in business or your personal life need to go. It’s why I try to surround myself with good people, friends, family that will inspire me.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

If you surround yourself with people that hate just about everything, procrastinate, don’t play well with others or even fail to listen to others can be discouraging.   Think about the person that just quits because something appears to be hard. That’s the type of person that can really bring you down. That’s not a recipe for success.

No. 2 – Never Stop Moving Forward

“Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving,” noted Albert Einstein. One thing I’ve learned from companies I’ve worked with, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders is that it is critical to push forward even if all looks lost.

What do you gain from giving up, lying on the couch and letting life pass by?

Stay focused. That means sticking with your priorities and goals. Never focus on the background noise and execute your plan. It will take patience, persistence, and discipline along the way, but if your goals are important, you’ll stay the course.

No. 3 – Get Your Priorities Straight

Make intelligent choices about what goals to pursue in your pursuit. That’ll take vision, foresight, calmness and the ability to get rid of the distractions. If you fail to prioritize, you won’t get anything done at all. You’ll begin to feel overwhelmed. Instead, take the time to be realistic about what has to get done. Delegate if need be. Pace yourself and take breaks. If not, you could burn out.

In short, learn to manage and balance your time well.

No. 4 – Think Big

Be creative. Think outside the box. Think of what the world may need. Sometimes all it takes is seeing something a different way, or doing something new that can spark something big. Sometimes just being creative can trigger the next big idea.

Differentiate yourself and find ways to go beyond limitation. In short, aim for the extraordinary and find a way to get there.

No. 5 – Use Mistakes as Building Blocks

If you make a mistake, learn from it. Don’t repeat it. If you fail at something, it doesn’t mean you’ll never become a successful entrepreneur. Giving up and failing to learn will lead to that. But not failure… In fact, eight out of 10 entrepreneurs will fail.  You will only become unsuccessful if you don’t try to correct or learn from your mistake. You need to understand that your mistakes can only improve you and the business you’re trying to create well.