Young Asian Investors See Value in Socially Responsible Investments


Great news from Asia regarding the future. A new generation of socially conscious investors is coming into their own, according to a Capgemini Asia-Pacific Wealth Report.

This means a better world for everyone and—for those of us who understand the great investment opportunities in socially responsible investments (SRI) and sustainability—an affirmation that we’re going in the right direction.

The new report found close to 40% of that region’s high net worth individuals who are under 40 prioritize putting more money into SRI. This is compared to just 25% of their over-60 counterparts.

As wealth passes to the next generation, these individuals will look for more ways to combine intelligent entrepreneurship with global citizenry.

And why shouldn’t they? As a tech investor, I see the 21st century teeming with possibilities. The innovation being sparked by the various challenges mankind is faced with represents a field of opportunity.

Looking around the world, portfolio allocations geared toward social improvement amount to about 32%. In Indonesia, that region’s leader, it’s 46%, with China and India both strong at 41% and 40%, respectively.

Wise investors will catch up with the trend. That’s where the future lies.