Time to Focus on Post-Election Positives


A savvy businessperson puts politics aside. Regardless of where your political passions fall, it’s time to let Tuesday’s election simply become your next guidepost to intelligent investing.

With Trump’s win we’ve already seen dramatic response in the markets, with initial stock plummets around the world. As was expected with his victory, the so-called uncertainty factor came into play with a vengeance Tuesday and markets reacted on fear, confusion and various assumptions.

Conversely, gold showed a reactionary increase, as is traditional in these kinds of uncertain times, along with some foreign currency. Others—Mexico’s being the prime example—took a sharp dive based on anticipation of changing relationships being forecast.

But none of this need paralyze an investor. Instead this is an opportunity to step back, take a breath and intelligently analyze what the future might hold.

In his acceptance speech Trump made special note of his goals to rebuild infrastructure in the country, hoping to put millions to work in the process. This bodes well for related investments that may include commercial real estate, construction, energy and new technologies.

Judging from his platform, heavy investment looks to go toward defense, so various related enterprises could prove very worthwhile an for investor, such as drone technology and communication advancements.

Biotech—something I value personally as a central area in which to consider putting your money—also may be seeing benefits with Trump’s win. Clinton’s pledges to reform drug prices had looked to adversely impact this area, along with pharmaceuticals. While at this point Trump’s impact is still a question mark, it’s an investment choice that you might want to keep close to the center of your radar.

It’s way too early to say what Trump can—or will even choose to—accomplish in his Presidency. Even with a Republican majority in Congress, it’s never clear in Washington what alliances will motivate what legislation. Depending on a range of circumstances that will begin to fall in place over the coming year, certain investments could prove more lucrative in the long run.

In his speech, Trump took care to highlight maintaining good relations with friendly nations. It may very well be that conventional worries about his stance on foreign trade could end up being exaggerated. Sometimes the rhetoric of the campaign trail leads to oversimplification.

It may take time to see just how vehemently Trump works to bring certain promises to fruition, and whether they’re even feasible.

The important thing is to stay centered on the facts. The opportunities will be there for the intelligent investor, in which case you’ll end up the real winner of this election.