More than 89% of Investors Want to Invest Here

It’s not a surprise volume has been light on the markets. U.S. elections, fear of a rate hike, OPEC, crumbling economic issues, Hurricane Matthew and a breakdown in relations with Russia and the U.S. over Syria have sent many investors to the sidelines when it comes to stocks, ETFs, and options.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to investing in real estate.

More than 89% of U.S. investors surveyed by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate are interested in incorporating real estate into their investment portfolios.

And for good reason – real estate is the one of the hottest investments these days.

About 96% of those surveyed, who had invested in real estate, noted that such an investment offered financial stability, long-term net worth growth, and monthly cash flow. About 94% noted they are interested in making a future investment in real estate again. About 84% said they would be making another investment.

Not too long ago, a Gallup poll found that real estate is the most popular choice among investors, too.

More than 35% of Americans chose real estate, as compared to just 22% for stocks and mutual funds. Just 17% of Americans chose gold. Another 15% opted for savings accounts and CDs, and only 7% went into bonds.

In a Bankrate survey, 25% of Americans picked real estate again. About 23% chose savings accounts and CDs. Another 16% preferred precious metals and stocks.

These statistics don’t surprise me in the least.

We’ve been highly suggesting that you invest in real estate for quite some time now. “Both the housing market and the stock market have recovered from catastrophic losses suffered in the last decade, with average house prices and the Dow well above their pre-crash high marks.” reports Gallup.

“But Americans have been much more likely to regain confidence in real estate than in stocks as ‘the best’ long-term place to invest their money. The split between the two investment options grew again in the last year as the stock market’s volatility increased investors’ concerns,” Gallup went on to say.

The growth opportunities offered with real estate are tough to ignore.

While some so called ’experts‘ may warn that real estate is far too hot, the trend is far from over for smart investors to not get into real estate and stay there.