Huffington Post: The First Million is Always the Hardest


More than 10.4 million Americans are millionaires. Another 300,000 new millionaires joined the ranks over the past year.

Of those, 145,000 households are worth more than $25 million. Another 1.2 million households are worth between $5 million and $25 million, as well.

While the rich are indeed getting richer, what’s notable is that the number of new millionaires is growing quickly thanks in part to stock market returns, real estate values, and a growing number of self-starting entrepreneurs willing to take risk.

How can you join the ranks of millionaires? It’s a bit more doable these days than one may think.

Find out more in my latest article just posted at The Huffington Post. In The First Million is Always the Hardest, we examine five necessary steps.

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