Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Tweets to Follow…


When it comes to investing or learning about commercial real estate, there’s a great deal of information at your fingertips. While I’m always happy to help educate and provide advice with my blog and twitter page, I know how important it is too review other opinions and research, as well… Aside from my Twitter page @hsrayat I’ve rounded up some of the other twitter accounts I check every day…

The Tenant Advisor

We follow Colliers’ Coy Davidson most often. With more than 27,300 followers, he provides a good mix of necessary commercial real estate news and insight into healthcare related real estate and other corporate real estate services.

Duke Long

Duke Long offers great insight into commercial real estate, as well as the “occasional F-bombs” as he notes on his twitter page. With more than 7,700 followers, he typically offers a good mix of insight into CRE, technology, and news impacting commercial real estate.

Michael Lagazo

This is another great twitter account I follow daily for a steady flows of insights and news into commercial real estate. This may just be one of my favorite sources for daily insights… aside from my own.

Linda Day Harrison

Founder of, she has a great deal of commercial real estate reliability in property management.

Barbi Reuter

Barbi is the COO of PICOR Commercial real estate. She’s an active blogger on the topic and very engaged on social media.

Of course, these are just a few of the Twitter pages I follow on a daily basis. You can also follow our dedicated Twitter list, as well @hsrayat.