Thoughts are with Brussels…


It was a cowardly act of war… An assault – so dangerous, so callous – struck fear in the hearts of many at Brussels’ airport and downtown metro station this morning. A beautiful city was reduced to violence for no real reason other than to scare.

My thoughts and prayers are with the city, its residents, the victims and their families.

But if we’ve learned anything from such horrific, cowardly events, it’s that the global community is resilient. From the terror attacks on the very soil of America on September 11 to those of Spain in March 2014 and London in July 2005, as well as in France in recent history, we’ve remained strong, even as terrorists want us to live in fear of living…

But as they’ve quickly learned, we’re quite resilient and strong.

Our economies and people have withstood terrible events in the past, as well, only to bounce back in miraculous, quick fashion.  Best wishes to all.