The Huffington Post: The U.S. Economy is Not Prepared


I may be quite busy investing in commercial real estate... finding great value along the way, but I'm also quite taken with running my Twitter page (@hsrayat) and my new blog here and at The Huffington Post. In fact, after some great reviews from some of you on my first blog there, I've penned a second one on why the U.S. is not prepared for higher interest rates at this time.

As always, I value your opinion... and would love to hear what you think of this new one just posted today.

Share it with your friends on social media, too. It’s a great piece on why the U.S. and global economies are not healthy enough for higher rates.  The last time the Federal Reserve raised rates, it contributed to the 2,000-point sell-off we all "enjoyed" in January 2016.  Even today, a very dysfunctional Fed is arguing whether or not to raise rates in April 2016.

Any hike in April would be disastrous... and could lead to another round of heavy selling pressure and trillions of lost value.

Best wishes… and please look for my weekly articles on and The Huffington Post.