The Bright Spots of 2016…


By Harmel Rayat - It’s been an interesting start to the New Year… The Dow is down about 1,600. Oil cracked $30 to the downside with no real bottom in sight. China’s Shanghai Composite is already down 18% on slowdown concerns.

It’s not a pretty sight…

But as the overall market melts down, commercial real estate continues to exceed most expectations. In fact, I still consider it to be an essential part of any one’s retirement portfolio, as I discuss in my first book – Winning with Commercial Real Estate… and which I will be discussing at the March 2016 Money Show along with Larry Kudlow, Steve Forbes and Peter Schiff…

It’s shaping up to be an interesting year, despite such a volatile start. In fact, here are some of the hottest stories to stay on top of for the New Year…

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