Admitted Short-Selling Group Attacks Harmel S. Rayat and SolarWindow (WNDW)


By Harmel Rayat - Yesterday, a disturbing write-up was distributed about my investments and me by a little-known Internet web site. The site is supported by a convicted felon for securities fraud and money laundering, and the article was written by Sonya Colberg, who proudly claims to “...delight in afflicting the comfortable.” To be clear, it is in this group’s best interest to slander me under the guise of being a legitimate news outlet. They profit from destroying the value of a company I’m heavily invested in and have supported, SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW).

How? The owners of this web site, “… hold a short position in WNDW and stand to profit on any future declines in the stock price”, according to their fine print.

Along with attempting to hurt me financially, they are destroying the investment of literally thousands of smaller investors who, like me, have supported and continue to support SolarWindow.

The article grossly mischaracterizes positive business events as nefariously “shocking claims” about a company that I proudly and transparently invest in.

It calls into question my integrity as a businessman and entrepreneur. Its sole purpose is to destroy not only my reputation but also that of SolarWindow and its reputation and goodwill as an innovator and a game changer in the renewable energy space.

Why? Greed.

Under normal circumstances, I would not have bothered to reply. If her malice hurt only me, I would ignore it. Sadly, her words pained my young family and angered some of my closest friends and co-investors.

I take pride in the ventures that my family, friends, and business teams have steadfastly built. Our real estate portfolio alone is valued at over $145 million, and proudly bears my young daughter’s name. My son’s name adorns a flagship historical building and one of my prominent venture-investment firms.

Our commercial real estate portfolio is a huge success, achieving 30% growth in equity for 10 years in a row, independently verified, and through the most challenging of economic conditions since the Great Depression.

We achieved this growth using a business model I developed, personally, and share as the T.R.O.P.H.Y. formula in my book, ranked number five among Amazon’s top new releases.

Their story mentions none of this.

And, the writer also made no effort to contact my offices, public relations team, or me to comment on her “investigative” story.

The truth is, SolarWindow, as disclosed in its SEC filings, is developing the world’s first of its kind technology to generate electricity on transparent glass that will provide customers with clean electricity-generating solutions that make economic sense. Using SolarWindow™ coatings, entire buildings could be turned into power generators thereby reducing electricity costs by up to 50% per year.

This is not an easy accomplishment and because of this and its other accomplishments I continue to believe in and support SolarWindow.

It was never the intention of this Internet group to tell my story or the story of SolarWindow. Instead, the group’s scheme is to drive down the value of SolarWindow and line its own pockets through short-selling.

I can definitely state that SolarWindow, and its innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, are not the company and people portrayed by Colberg.

Although I am not an officer or director of SolarWindow and do not purport to make statements in this response on its behalf, I am, however, a significant and long-term shareholder who is confident that you will rightfully see SolarWindow as a company that is inventing the future.

Thank you, Harmel S. Rayat