Three Essential Steps to Business Success…


I’ve been in business for the better part of 30 years… Blood, sweat, the occasional tear… and a very well structured support team helped me attain my goals, my dreams along the way.

But the road to success isn’t always easy. We all know that.

If it were, we’d all be entrepreneurs.

While I can’t guarantee success, I can guarantee that you’ll do very well if you follow these three simple, valuable tools.

Protect Your Reputation Online and Offline at all Costs…

Failure to protect yourself, your name, your standing in society can hurt you for years after the fact. Your reputation is your most important asset.   The moment it’s tarnished you stand to lose customers, sales, partners, and well… your business.

Always be proactive and well aware of what is – and has – being said about you in the press. Failure to do so, failure to counter what has been said, could cost you customer trust.

Manage your Business’ Growth…

All to often, expansive, rapid growth can over-extend your primary resources. As a result, small details can escape you… costing you millions in the process. By all means, grow and expand, but make sure you can adequately manage all facets of your business and remain well aware of what is impacting the bottom line.

If you find that your business expenses are outweighing revenue – for example – there’s a problem. If you find that you – or your employees – are unhappy, overworked, it may be a sign of not keeping up with growth.

The last thing that any of us want to do is fail or lose business.

But once you fail to properly, and effectively manage your business, you begin to price yourself out.

Never misunderstand what’s happening financially. Never believe that sales growth is the most important rule. Never lose touch with customers. And never hire the wrong people – which we’ve all learned the hard way.

Surround Yourself with Individuals, Employees, Partners, Associates, and Advisors who have strength in the areas where you are weak…

Here’s a little secret… Promise not to share it.

I’m not perfect. There I said it.

As we personally and professionally grow, we seek counsel to help with accounting, rules and regulations, technological issues, etc.

Unless you surround yourself with others that make up for any shortfalls you may have, you begin to limit your capability as an effective entrepreneur.

After close to 30 years in business, the stories I could tell…