The No. 1 Key to Business Success


Failure to protect yourself, your name, your standing in society can hurt you for years after the fact. Your reputation is your most important asset.   The moment it’s tarnished you stand to lose customers, sales, partners, and well… your business. Always be proactive and well aware of what is – and has – being said about you in the press. Failure to do so, failure to counter what has been said, could cost you customer trust, I noted December 8, 2015.

Trust is one of the most essential parts of business.

Without it, well… you’re screwed, which is why when I came across bullet points from this latest article from AlleyWatch, I felt it necessary to share.

These are some of the ways to build trust.

  • Keep your promises to yourself and others.
  • Under-commit and over-deliver…
  • Be willing to make commitments
  • Avoid fuzzy commitments, such as “I’ll do my best.”
  • Never make people ask. If others ask you to commit, you’ve already lost trust.
  • Always communicate…
  • Look beyond the target…

Having an entrepreneurial spirit about you is great… Committing yourself to being a trustworthy one is where it counts.

Some of the best ways to lose trust include selling a customer something they don't really need, misrepresentation of a product or service, promising something you cannot realistically deliver on, making excuses, and withholding bad news…

If you really want to impress some one and gain trust, make promises and keep them.