Rocky Balboa: Lessons Learned from Boxing…


Over the weekend, I took my kids to see the latest Rocky movie, Creed… And I can tell you the franchise is still as exciting as it was when the first movie hit theatres in November 1976. From the early days of fighting Apollo Creed to Mr. T to traveling around the world to fight in Russia, the story has gotten better with each film.

The passion, that famous instrumental, the storyline of fierce competitiveness, the crack of the opponent’s jaw leading to wild theatre-audience cheers is all still there.

It’s just amazing to witness a theatre so caught up in the excitement, they forget it’s a movie. I have to admit I cheered a little, too. But I couldn't help it… That instrumental hits midway through the fight, and you can’t help but hum along and get a bit into the fight.

But what’s really exciting – at least to me – is the entrepreneurial lesson takeaway.

No one ever said the life of an entrepreneur was easy…

Millions of obstacles stand in the way. But those with a desire to succeed aren’t average people. We all learn that it takes “one step at a time, one punch at a time, one round at a time,” as pointed out in the new Rocky film, Creed.

If you want to lay on the mat to the count of 10, be my guest. But as we’ve also learned from the film is that “The toughest opponent when you get in the ring or in life” is you.

I’m not a film critic by any stretch of the imagination, my friends. But this was an amazing film of inspiration for all entrepreneurs.