Stay a Sane Entrepreneur


No one ever said life – or an entrepreneurial spirit – was easy… It takes a lot of hard work, effort, and ability to keep things chugging along. Not all roads are paved with gold, as we all know very well.

Heavy amounts of stress come with the territory.

As I’ve long said, it’s not easy at all… especially as eight out of every 10 fails in the first 18 months. But as I tell my own children, it’s the strong that get up and try again. Not all of us will succeed, unfortunately. But it’s those with determination that will get up, fight through the chaos, and make things happen.

Here’s some of the best advice I can give you along the way…

Give yourself a break. Not everything has to be hard. Live life. Enjoy it.

We live once, right?

Sure, working for yourself has advantages. We can come and go when we want. There’s more flexibility. No bosses breathing down your neck… But there are more responsibilities, and greater pressures to get things done.

The last thing you need is extra stress without an ability to blow it off.

Which is why I’m highlighting this latest article from The Huffington Post that gives some great advice on cooling off before you “lose your mind.”

“Get some exercise. If you don't have time to go to the gym for a full workout in the morning, don't worry--just about any physical exercise can help reduce your stress. Try doing some pushups at the office, or going for a walk around the building. Get your heart pumping and you'll feel more energized and less stressed in no time.

Force yourself to focus. One of the most stressful parts of being an entrepreneur is trying to manage lots of things at once. To reduce this stress, try limiting yourself to one task at a time.

Cut off all other communication while you do this, and don't deviate from your current priority until it's done or you're ready to move on.

Blow off steam with the team. As the entrepreneur, you're in charge of building your team, and you can fill that team with talented, creative, insightful, fun, friendly people. Go mingle with them at lunch or in a game.

You have to make time to relieve stress, even if it seems like you have no time to spare. Otherwise, that stress will consume you and your entrepreneurial journey will turn to a miserable rut of burnout. Stay positive and prioritize your own mental health.”