Why Time Off is Essential


I was all set to talk about commercial real estate today when my old friend e-mailed me about the blog post from yesterday. Apparently, my friend got a good laugh from it…

“Just to let you know,” he says. “Laurie and the kids left for Disney World yesterday without me. I’m to join them in a couple days without my laptop. I got very specific ‘orders’ from my eight year old on that.”

Like I’ve always told him and others, vacation is important.

Look, I work very hard running a commercial real estate company. But I know how important it is to take breaks. It’s part of the reason I pen this blog on a daily basis.

It’s my way of distracting myself, distancing myself for just a little bit from the regular day. As professionals in any profession, a lot of us spend a considerable amount of time planning, visiting, and working only to realize weeks have gone by without any time for ourselves.

Commercial real estate is an exciting world. The deals, the global interest, the amount of money that I see flow through on a daily basis is incredible. I wouldn’t give this up. I’ve worked too hard.

But even I know when it’s time to just get away.

As Entrepreneur Magazine recently pointed out, your brain can become clouded.

“It’s natural over time to move down a path and get set in your ways -- we’re all guilty of it at some point. The difficulty is that it’s hard to recognize this as a problem when you’re the individual that’s stuck in the rut -- unless of course you have friends, family or co-founders that might bring it to your attention -- and one of the absolute best ways to get out of it is to get away for some duration of time and unwind.”

The tension becomes too much…

“When you’re buried in the emotional roller coaster that comes with entrepreneurship over long periods of time, it’s only natural that a toll is going to be taken on your nerves. The likely result of this typical early stage lifecycle is that your stress levels will progressively elevate, creating tension in your environment that is so thick it could be cut with a knife.”

Your health can suffer, too…

“If you’re early on in your business, taking a vacation might sound ludicrous, but you have to find a way to get away and let your brain and body unwind -- which will help you lead a healthier life, chock full of better relationships and more productive time when you are grinding it out at the office.”