Traits of Entrepreneurs


No one said success comes easy. It takes a great deal of hard work and determination. There’s no blueprint for it.

As I noted here, “f you truly want to succeed, here’s some of the best advice I can give you. “Trust your judgment. And don’t always rely on widespread opinion.” I’m sure you’re well aware that too many cooks in the kitchen can destroy a good thing.”

I also mentioned having a great deal of credibility, competency and care.

But after reading the latest Tech City News article on other traits all entrepreneurs have, I wanted to share those, as well. Please enjoy.

Entrepreneurs have a never-say-die attitude: “There will be times when success seems impossible but the entrepreneur will keep the goal in sight and keep going with drive and tenacity.”

Ambition and passion: “Ambition takes a dream or an idea and with the above-mentioned tenacity and determination plus a complete belief in what you’re doing, turns it into a business.  Coupled with passion for your concept, many of the other traits will follow naturally.  There’s no point putting everything into something that you just don’t care about that much, is there?”

Willingness to take risks…

Deals with failure… Remember, as I noted here, “failure is a necessity.

Readiness to get your hands dirty…

Adaptability: “When everything is going wrong but you’re rightfully determined not to give up, change – be flexible.”

Hunger for learning: “Never, ever stop learning.  Read, study, listen to others and be curious.”