Think like an Entrepreneur


Having an entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps me going. It’s a mindset. I don’t wait for things to happen. I make them happen. It’s the difference between being a leader and being a follower.

It’s about seeing the big picture and owning it. It’s what I try to teach my kids, my students, my staff, myself… It’s also important that new graduates understand this, too.

So when I came across this latest article from, I felt it necessary to share. There are many of us in the business community too willing to give up because things are hard.

But here are some of the things you’ll never hear me – or those looking to succeed – ever say. While I won’t share them all, I will share a couple of my favorites. The full article can be found right here.

"That’s impossible."

Successful entrepreneurs don’t view the world with this type of artificial limitation. Instead of seeing how a challenge can be overcome by their current abilities and current resources, they think of how it can be overcome by any possible set of abilities or resources.

For example, if something is “impossible” in the moment, the successful entrepreneur might imagine that it’s not impossible with the addition of two new team members and an extra week added to the timeline. Alternative solutions drive innovation, and successful entrepreneurs are always willing to experiment to get the results they want.

Nothing is impossible. If we limit ourselves with this thinking, we make our goals that much harder to reach. Anything is possible…

"I’m too busy."

Most people don’t know the meaning of “busy” until they get started as an entrepreneur. You’ll be wearing so many hats, taking on so many different responsibilities, and making so many decisions each day you won’t know what to do with yourself. But at the same time, you’ll be exhilarated to be in such a position.

To successful entrepreneurs, the position of business owner isn’t a burden -- it’s a thrill. It’s not a job -- it’s a passion. There will be moments where you feel overwhelmed, of course, but if you’re truly committed to what you do, you’ll never be “too busy” for that extra conversation or that one additional responsibility.

I work my tail off each and every day. I wear multiple hats. When told I would be too busy to communicate and share my thoughts in this blog, I laughed…

I make the time to do what’s important. And one of the most important things to me is constant communication. I had a dream. I made things happen. I’m now the CEO of a powerful company.

I’m very busy. But I’ll never be “too busy” to do what’s essential.

"I give up."

There will be times when you question whether you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and times when you question whether all your sacrifices are worth it.

It is part of the process, and the successful entrepreneurs of the world are the ones who encountered these moments and decided to keep going. The minute you give up, on your business or entrepreneurship in general, your journey is over and there’s no going back.

Entrepreneurial success starts with the right frame of mind. You have to have an innate drive and a passion for what you do, and you can’t let the unavoidable complexities and trials of business ownership get in the way of your ultimate vision.

I can’t stand it when I hear folks say, “I give up.”

Look, I understand the frustration that business can bring. It’s okay to say, “I give up,” but once you actually do it, you’ve given up on your dreams.