The Lucrative Future of Crowd Funding…


Over the last several months, I’ve talked a lot about crowd funding… We spoke about how venture capitalists are getting involved in what could be a $90 billion market by 2025. We spoke about how on June 19, 2015, new crowd funding rules would apply. We’ve even spoken about the dangers of crowd funding here and here.

Today, I found an interesting article from The Huffington Post, which reports, “Crowd funding platforms allow investors to analyze and clearly understand the opportunities for investments at the touch of their keyboard or mobile device just like with the stock market.”

“It has introduced technology and transparency to real estate, an industry that was long overdue for disruption. As such, the more efficient use of technology is lowering the cost of capital and overhead operators, which, in turn, allows the crowd funding platforms to share a higher percentage of their profits with their investors.”

But some of the best qualities offered by such funding are the abilities of all investors to participate in any deal, including those with no real estate investing experience. It also allows for proper and safe diversification.

That’s exciting.

Better yet, notes the report, “Securities regulations may get more streamlined and efficient in 2015 in both individual states by way of automated federal regulations that are easier to understand for both investors and business owners seeking to raise new capital.”

“If so, more successful and profitable crowd funding platforms may lead to more jobs, higher profits for investors and increased tax revenues for the states and federal government.”

Crowd funding… It’s truly the ultimate disruptive force that’ll change the world, as we know it.