Lessons Learned from my Father


“Do you think I’m made of money?” "Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know?”

“When I was your age…”

“I’m not going to tell you again… for crying out loud.”

“Why is the car on the front lawn?”

And my favorite, “don’t tell your mother.”

We all have our arsenals of phrases our dads told us umpteen times until he was blue in the face with frustration. As comical as it could be, our fathers taught us a great deal.

I can still remember the life lessons my own father instilled in me.

My favorite was his lesson on teamwork:

“Work together as a team, with each team member being a finger on a hand,” my father would tell me. “When clenched together, you have great force. Unless you’re Bruce Lee, you can’t hit very hard with a single finger.”

In short, if I wanted something bad enough, I had to work hard for it with a team.

It’s one of my favorite life lessons on success my own father instilled in me as a child.

Some of his other lessons I’ve already passed on to my children.

My children understand that success is more than accumulating material things…

Success comes from a unique combination of knowing where you’ve come from, where you want to go, your goals, knowledge, commitment, personality, etc. That combination had allowed me to successfully invest in a great number of industries, ranging from auto dismantling to sophisticated medical R&D.

There are no shortcuts to anything in life.

As my own father taught me, money management is also an essential.

In fact, as I earned my allowance every Friday night after dinner, I knew I had to save it. If I spent all of my $5 allowance, I would have nothing left until the next Friday night. So I began saving, budgeting, and tracking my money… I must have been 9.

I learned to work hard at an early age. My father worked long hours, doing the job right the first time. He’s a person of integrity and hard work, never looking for handouts or the easy way out.

I learned to set priorities, how to allocate my time and resources. And most of all, my father taught me to give of myself.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads…

A special Happy Father’s Day to those serving in the Armed Forces… I hope you get to enjoy your day. We appreciate your sacrifice and your commitment to protecting us at home. Best wishes to you and your families.