Opportunity as Baltimore Rebuilds


I’ve spoken about Baltimore quite a few times over the years. It’s still one of my favorite places for crabs, the Orioles, and downtown attractions.

As I’ve noted, what I like most about Baltimore is the impact it’s having on commercial real estate when it comes to healthcare. Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland are driving most of that.

It saddened me to hear of the riots in recent weeks. It’s upsetting the police and the Mayor can’t find common ground. But, according to a friend of mine that’s 10 miles outside the city, things are returning to normal for the city.

The National Guard left. Curfews were lifted. Fires are out. Schools are reopening.

And the rebuilding process has begun, I’m told.

Riot-torn businesses like CVS are rebuilding. And local developers are already seeing possibilities for redevelopment in the city. In fact, according to The Baltimore Sun, the CEO and President of America’s Realty LLC sees possibilities for redevelopment in the city set ablaze.

The group is prepared to invest up to $15 million in properties to lure tenants, notes The Sun, lining up grocery stores, pharmacies, urgent care centers, etc. interested in moving in.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the quick move by developers. The opportunity being offered is potentially lucrative.