NCAA: Duke Wins… and Opening Day


What a game. Duke just claimed its fifth crown, beating Wisconsin 68-63. While I would have preferred a Duke-Kentucky game, this was just as good.

I’m still a bit shocked that Kentucky lost, though.

Even in the last game of the season, the refs may have goofed. With less than two minutes in the second half, Wisconsin’s Koenig missed a shot and the ball fell out of bounds.

With replays showing the ball grazed a Duke forward, the refs didn’t overturn their call giving Duke possession.

Perhaps the NCAA is hiring blind refs…

Who knows? This isn’t the first missed call on their part.

It was a great season nonetheless. Maybe the Hawkeyes will return again next year.

Don’t tell me the regular season doesn’t mean much when these kids are playing this hard, surprising at every chance. One amazing game after another…

Now we move to baseball season… I’m thinking the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees have a great year. Thoughts?

Orioles won yesterday, dominating Tampa Bay 6-2. Solo homeruns from Pearce and Flaherty were impressive.

The Yankees lost to the Blue Jays 6-1. But it’s only one game.

This should be an exciting year.