Baltimore: The Impact


I have a close friend that lives in Baltimore. After talking to him, it’s nothing but chaos in the city he works.

He wasn’t allowed to go into work today after a State of Emergency was issued, and as the National Guard is called in.

It’s a scary situation.

But I wanted to take the time to acknowledge what’s happening… and wish every one in or around the city of Baltimore best wishes. Please stay safe.

I’ve talked about Baltimore a few times. I’m a fan of the Orioles, crabs, and the opportunity the city has long offered. The Inner Harbor, the Aquarium, and the Science Center are some of my favorite places to go when I’m there.

What I like most about Baltimore is the impact it’s having on commercial real estate when it comes to healthcare. Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland are driving most of that.

Baltimore’s growing population is demanding more medical services, as reported by Cassidy Turley.  “There are currently 10.1 million square feet of medical office space in the Baltimore metro area. The market is 88.3% occupied at the moment, with only 1.2 million square feet of vacant space, including newly built facilities. New construction has become a necessity, as medical office tenants are now looking for quality space to deliver their services.”

At the moment, things aren’t good in the city.

But please be safe. I wish you nothing but the best.