March Madness, Baby!


Jeez… My Iowa Hawkeyes are out of the running with a loss to Gonzaga… And like that, it’s over.

I can’t be too upset, though. They had one heck of a season.

And it was great watching the tight offense dismantle Davidson the other night with a flawless 83-52 win. That’s March Madness, baby.

And it’s only getting wilder.

Let’s see if Duke can take the win this year. The last time I got excited about Duke was 1992 when Laettner hit the bucket in the last seconds for the win against Kentucky, March 28, 1992.

What a game…

Duke just got finished destroying San Diego 68-49 last night.

They face Utah on Friday. Duke should steamroll right through them.

Here’s hoping the Hawkeyes have another great season next year. For now, let’s see if Duke can pull out their first win since 2010.