I began my career in the mail room of a West Coast brokerage firm.


With lots of encouragement, I soon became a stock broker and learned much from a select few who held my hand and showed me the way.

Before I knew it, I was investing on my own and decided to leave the brokerage business in 1987, months before the market crashed and the Dow dropped 23% in a single day.

Early on, many of my investments did poorly, some even failed outright.

Yet, the support of friends and family, alongside the inspiring mentorship of some seasoned investors, pushed me to stay the course.

Thank goodness I took their advice and toughed it through the challenging times.


Taking from the many hard lessons learned, I now have the experience to deploy capital in much better ways and have surrounded myself with a loyal and very smart team that has supported me for over two decades.

Today, I have a diversified portfolio ranging from institutional grade commercial real estate to significant stakes in innovative technology start-ups, including two of my favorites: SolarWindow and RenovaCare.

SolarWindow (www.solarwindow.com) is bringing to market electricity-generating windows, an idea that I actually conceived as a way to harness the endless amounts of free solar energy that hits Earth daily and streams through hundreds of millions of windows around the world.

According to independently-validated modeling, buildings clad with electricity-generating windows could cut electricity costs by up to 50%.

Meanwhile, RenovaCare (www.renovacareinc.com) has developed a new way of treating severe burns and wounds with the SkinGun™, which has been experimentally used to treat over 70 human burn victims; the amazing outcomes have to be seen to believed (watch this video).

Sprayed with their own skin cells using the SkinGun™, many patients were discharged in a matter of days, avoiding painful skin graft surgeries and weeks of hospitalization.

In between everything, and at the urging of a long-term adviser, I wrote a book on real estate with the help of a good friend.

Thanks to my great real estate team (www.taliajevan.com), I have generated annualized returns on equity of over 40% per year for almost 15 years, handily beating all the benchmarks.

As a result, and not surprisingly, I get asked for copies of my book all the time.

And although available on Amazon, I happily share complimentary digital copies as my way of giving back for all the times others have freely shared their knowledge with me.

For your free copy of “Winning with Commercial Real Estate,” please click here.