I began my career in the mail room of a brokerage firm.


With lots of encouragement, I soon became a stock broker and learned much from a select few who held my hand and showed me the way.

After a few years, I decided to invest on my own and left the brokerage business in 1987, months before the market crashed and the Dow dropped 23% in a single day.

Early on, many of my investments did poorly, some even failed outright. Yet, the support of friends and family, alongside the inspiring mentorship of some seasoned investors, pushed me to stay the course.

Thank goodness I took their advice and toughed it through the challenging times. In looking back, I would not have made it without the help of all those around me.


Taking from the many hard and painful lessons, I eventually learned how to deploy capital in much better ways and surrounded myself with a smart group of executives and advisors. While I still make plenty of mistakes, I have a great team to help sort things out.

Today, I consider myself fortunate to manage a small family office that has a diversified portfolio ranging from commercial real estate (www.taliajevan.com) to significant stakes in two publicly traded technology companies: SolarWindow and RenovaCare.         

SolarWindow (www.solarwindow.com) has a coating technology that turns ordinary windows into electricity-generating windows, for which the possibilities and benefits to society, in my opinion, may be endless. What was originally a far-fetched “pie-in-the-sky” idea has morphed into a technology that “could give our cities the ability to harvest their own energy needs,” according to CNBC. To learn more, watch this interview.  

RenovaCare (www.renovacareinc.com) has developed the SkinGun™ to spray a patient’s own skin stem cells onto burns and wounds. So far, over 70 severe burn victims have been experimentally treated, with many leaving the hospital in a matter of days, avoiding the pain and cost of skin graft surgery. This National Geographic report is a must see: watch this video.   

In between everything, I have self-published two books, my latest being Double-Digit Returns: In Good Markets and Bad. This book details exactly how my team and I have generated annualized real estate returns of over 40 percent per year since 2006.

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