Harmel S. Rayat
Harmel S. Rayat


I began my career in the mail room of a brokerage firm.


With lots of encouragement, I soon became a stock broker and learned much from a select few who held my hand and showed me the way.


After a few years, I decided to invest on my own and left the brokerage business in 1987, months before the market crashed and the Dow dropped 23% in a single day.

Early on, many of my investments did poorly, some even failed outright. Yet, the support of friends and family, alongside the inspiring mentorship of some seasoned investors, pushed me to stay the course.

Thank goodness I took their advice and toughed it through the challenging times. In looking back, I would not have made it without the help of all those around me.


Taking from the many hard and painful lessons, I eventually learned how to deploy capital in much better ways and surrounded myself with a smart group of executives and advisors. While I still make plenty of mistakes, I have a great team to help sort things out.

Today, I consider myself fortunate to manage a small family office that has a diversified portfolio ranging from commercial real estate (www.taliajevan.com) to significant stakes in two publicly traded technology companies: SolarWindow and RenovaCare.         

SolarWindow (www.solarwindow.com) has a coating technology that turns ordinary windows into electricity-generating windows, for which the possibilities and benefits to society, in my opinion, may be endless. What was originally a far-fetched “pie-in-the-sky” idea has morphed into a technology that “could give our cities the ability to harvest their own energy needs,” according to CNBC. To learn more, watch this interview.  

RenovaCare (www.renovacareinc.com) has developed the SkinGun™ to spray a patient’s own skin stem cells onto burns and wounds. So far, over 70 severe burn victims have been experimentally treated, with many leaving the hospital in a matter of days, avoiding the pain and cost of skin graft surgery. This National Geographic report is a must see: watch this video.   

In between everything, I have self-published two books, my latest being Double-Digit Returns: In Good Markets and Bad. This book details exactly how my team and I have generated annualized real estate returns of over 40 percent per year since 2006.

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How to generate great returns with low-risk.

Harmel-Commercial Real Estate

For a long time, I was trying to generate the best risk-adjusted returns possible.

But market volatility, excessive fees and conflicted advice often got in my way.

So, I decided to get into high-quality real estate in 2006.

Almost immediately, I started generating great returns.


Before I knew it, my portfolio was worth $50 million.

And my returns got better and better.

Unlike many, I sailed right through the great Recession.

Before too long, my portfolio zoomed past the $100 million mark.

Then one day, a dear friend and long-term advisor says, “You should write a book!”

Given my busy life, I was a bit frosty to his idea.

“Why should I write a book,” I asked.

“So that others can generate great returns just like you,” he said.

He persisted and soon I found myself working on a manuscript, which was difficult for me.

It wasn’t easy articulating the strategies I had applied instinctually.

Without realizing it, I had broken away from conventionality and constrained thinking.

I relied on a factor more crucial than “location, location, location.”

(Yes, there is something more important than location in real estate.)

I took on the traits of a luxury hotelier, rather than of a typical landlord.

Shocking many, especially my tenants, I lowered rents when I didn’t have to.

There are 6 key tactics in all that I innately used for generating high returns with low-risk.

I thought an acronym would make it easy for others to remember and copy what I did.

So, I decided to call it the TROPHY formula, with each letter standing for a strategy.

Then, I engaged an audit firm so there would be no doubt about my track record.

The independently verified results that came back stopped me in my tracks.

My annualized return on equity clocked in at 33% per year for the 10 years ended 2015.

In comparison, the S&P had an annualized return of just over 6% per year.

More recently, for the 12 years ended 2017, my annualized return stood at 42% per year.

This is more than double NASDAQ and almost 4 times better than the Dow.

I can’t wait to tabulate my results for the end of 2018.

And, by the way, I’ve come up with a 7th strategy that will supercharge my cash-flow.

I plan to share this new tactic through social media or an update to my book at some point.

The new acronym will be TROPHY$.

And so that you know, I’m an average individual.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes and have endured years of failure.

I jokingly say that I went to the “School of Hard Knocks.”

And then I attended the “University of Failure,” graduating summa cum laude.

All kidding aside, if I can generate double-digit returns, so can you.

Just follow the TROPHY formula in my book, which you can get for free below.

I started as a mail room clerk, then became a broker before investing on my own.

Early on, many of my investments did poorly, some even failed outright.

Thanks to help and support from friends and family, I stayed the course and toughed it out.

Today, I have great people around me and I’ve learned to deploy capital in much better ways.

I also invest in technology companies, which can be quite rewarding, despite the risk.

Two of my favorites are SolarWindow and RenovaCare.

Having invested over $50 million, I own big stakes in both companies, which are publicly traded.

SolarWindow (www.solarwindow.com) turns ordinary glass into electricity-generating glass.

The possibilities of this are mind-boggling, beginning with electricity-generating windows.

Imagine a Tesla charging its batteries without plugging in.

Imagine entire buildings becoming vertical power generators.

Electricity costs could be cut by up to 50%, according to independently validated modeling.

In the U.S., this could add up to tens of billions in savings for building owners, including me.

Imagine what this could mean for the reduction of CO2 emissions and climate change.

RenovaCare (www.renovacareinc.com) has the SkinGun™ for burns and wounds.

Sprayed with their own skin cells using the SkinGun™, many patients left the hospital in days, avoiding skin graft surgeries and potentially weeks of recovery time.

The amazing outcomes must be seen to believed (watch this video).

Imagine how the SkinGun™ could impact burn victims and reduce medical costs as well.

It’s no wonder Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan and many others have talked up the SkinGun™, which was on display at the prestigious Science Museum in London for a while.

I discuss these and other ventures in my book, available below for free.

Sharing my book is my way of giving back for all the times others have helped me.

It’s been said that the “more you give, the more you get.”

So, I’ve made it a mission to freely share my hard-earned knowledge with all those interested.

You already know about the TROPHY formula for generating high returns in real estate.

I have a second formula that has guided me in other areas of business and life.

This formula got me back on my feet after all the times I stumbled and fell.

It lit a path for me to find my way back during all the dark times of my life.

On occasion, I’ve shared it privately with others as well.

From young students to old guys like me, this formula has helped them all.

I call it my SUCCESS formula, which I share publicly for the first time in my book.

As with the TROPHY formula, each letter stands for something.

Not following the first “S” explains why so many have unfulfilled careers and lives.

It was described by John D. Rockefeller as one of the “chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one’s aim.”

Despite this, very few give this all-important factor any thought at all.

It helped one individual go from being in debt to becoming a millionaire many times over.

Then there’s the second “C,” a skill set believed to have put Barack Obama into office, twice.

And without following the last “S,” true success, however you define it, will elude you forever.

To be clear, I’m not a success coach or a motivational speaker, nor do I strive to be.

The true success coaches have forgotten more than I will ever know.

But I do know that life in general doesn’t need to be so complicated.

You can learn through your own hard work or through the hard work of someone else.

And, believe you me, it’s much each to easier and faster to learn from someone else.

If you want to learn how to swim or play a piano, find someone to teach you.

If you want to make money, find someone that’s made it already and learn from them.

I believe Tony Robbins calls this modeling.

I took me many years to learn what I know and many months to write it down.

By reading my free book, you could gain all my knowledge in just a few days.

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